Author: Nikhil

Shorter short stories.

“Conveying more with less” has always been my forte (flipping out on people counts). Writing pages and pages of verbose, frankly speaking, bores me to death.  Here’s a collection of flash fiction I’ve written over the past few months. Hope you guys like it. Here goes. Snip goes your tie that you wore to work each day to ogle that… Read more →

Shiva Trilogy: Review

  I love to read books, I love the smell of a new book and I love to pan a book if it isn’t up to the mark. After all, I paid 300 bucks for it (or 30, if it’s a CST pirated version)Most people have a bias against Indian authors and rightly so. They think, the authors write a… Read more →


  It was a tough week for someone to break into prime time news that week. After all, it was dominated by a holy man occasionally wearing a  salwar kameez wrestling against the government . Who can beat that? But a certain commerce college did the unthinkable. It zoomed straight into the headlines by having a 100% cutoff for non-commerce students… Read more →

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