Author: Nikhil Mane

Upstream Colour

Shane Carruth, I Love You, Man.

What confused most people about Upstream Color was the fact that Primer was at its core a cipher. A narrative that wraps itself snugly in its mysteries. On the contrary, Upstream Color was simple on the narrative front. It is, a sci-film, sort of. A nature film, sort of. A love story, too. It had worms—parasites, identity & will theft,… Read more →

Read deeper

This is going to sound like a rant because it is one. Reading is not a competition. Wait. Nothing in life is a competition. Except actual competitions. But there are no reading competitions. Except exams. This is going nowhere. What I am saying is this. You don’t have to read a thousand and 1 books before you die. You don’t… Read more →

Trick Me Into Believing

First of all, Let us get this clear, I don’t believe in love,I also don’t believe in magic.Tricks are a whole different ball game though. Think about it.It is a dark road and you are walking down it alone.And you can just make love appear.You could just pull it out a sleeve.Ain’t nobody gonna mess with you. Man.Crazy, right? You… Read more →

2001 : A Lesson In Design Fiction

I watched it on the big screen with a friend recently. He hadn’t seen it before and it wasn’t the film he was expecting it to be. When I saw it the first time around, I thought so too. It was quiet. The Dawn of Man was silent. Lingering wide shots of featureless expanses. Crude man-apes fighting for water. My friend became bored. Where were all the spaceships? He asked. I didn’t care. I was fascinated. I was becoming as entranced as I had been the first time I watched it. The first time I watched it, changed my imagination and my world forever. Read more →

Words Mean Real Things.

Is there a collective noun for a group of loudspeakers? I don’t know if there is one. If there isn’t there should be one. I propose a drone of loudspeakers. There is a bunch of them outside my window right now and they seem to be having a lot of fun. Read more →

On Happyness

Disclaimer: this is not self-help   Whenever did organized thought arise? Some day some guy who had no fear of death, enough food in his belly and was in other words, ‘satisfied’, decided to sit down and have a nice long think. This stalwart needed some big answers for some really big questions. Thinking, we can safely assume, was not… Read more →

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