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The city of Perth

Landscapes and Waterscapes

I live in Western Australia in suburban areas of Perth. I am lucky enough to live in a fairly unpopulated coastal city that has not only gorgeous beaches, but also amazing banks of Swan/Canning river! Since I work indoors on weekdays (though my workplace has stunning view of  the riverside), I prefer my week-ends to be outdoors. Outdoors with a… Read more →

You, me, Science & Technology

Declining number of women in technology. I hear and come face to face with this issue on daily basis these days. Initially, when I used to hear all the rantings about lesser numbers of women in technology and the issue of huge salary difference between women and men in executive positions simply based on gender differences, I used to wonder how… Read more →

Street Artists

There’s something about them that fascinates me. Perhaps it’s that unspoken question that they ask me in my head, “Can you do this all day long regularly as we do?” Lately I came across quite a few of these performers. All of them master various skills in terms of art, music, play, dance or even something completely unique that you… Read more →

What can we do?

The motive behind publishing this is to be able to solve issues of our brothers and sisters and I have come across. Today when I write this, I don’t know where to start from. A way of going about this is to use contacts and make this a public issue using the best media possible and it does start from my blog here. We all have seen petitions being signed and how it does make a difference to get the right thing done. Read more →

From roaring oceans

And here we are at just another new years eve and at on verge of just another new year. It will be 2012 tomorrow! It’s the 20th new year’s eve I am seeing in this life and perhaps the 10th one which I think actually matters and perhaps the first when I in fact asked myself if I were ready… Read more →

Evolution of religion – boon or curse?

“Then you are a pagan, Prima!” “But I dont even know what Paganism is!” I wondered how can I be something I dont even know about. Then Adam showed me this wikipedia article about Pagonism and I was like “Hey! That’s almost same as what I believe” Then after some days I saw ‘War of gods’ about Pagonism and one… Read more →

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