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On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares how his study of organizational effectiveness started with Hammer and Mop and led into SILA and Mr. Homecare.

My foray into organizational effectiveness

The next step includes bringing our remote locations closer, and on the same platform – which means integrated satellite offices, ensuring smooth information flow and increased closeness in remote teams. Considering we are a services business which hires people of a certain skill set on the field – it would be crucial to have technology-enabled real time updates from all sites, thus empowering us to take better decisions, quicker. Read more →

Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe, how Jake Gyllenhaal's character in Demolition the movie carries invaluable lessons in product design and product development.

Demolition Lessons in Product Design

Demolition is fascinating – for it begs you to rip it apart and asks you to put it together again, because though you might not understand it, you love it. The actors do their job well, and only your imagination might want you to hold it up to a yardstick. Demolition is an experience as you go through Jake Gyllenhaal’s struggle coping with his wife’s death and everything that comes with it. What is a relationship but memories that are shared? Of what use is a sock drawer of a dead person? Read more →

You, me, Science & Technology

Declining number of women in technology. I hear and come face to face with this issue on daily basis these days. Initially, when I used to hear all the rantings about lesser numbers of women in technology and the issue of huge salary difference between women and men in executive positions simply based on gender differences, I used to wonder how… Read more →

What Hacking Is Not

“There seems to be somewhat of a misconception about hackers being like burglars. Imagine a guy who breaks into the house but does not steal or break anything. Instead he leaves a note on the fridge suggesting that you lock the door and that ‘1234’ is not the best security code. That’s what a real hacker is like.” Read more →

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