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On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje documents the scope of his work responsibilities across his current projects - Eske and Art Should Tempt (a StoryVise publication).

My work at Eské and Art Should Tempt

This practice of documenting my journey has been quite beneficial, since I tend to oversee how fast some months have passed, and how sharp some turns have been – sideways and upwards. From home cleaning to real estate services, onwards to luxury retail and now a comprehensive slow living media company – it has been a journey with a plan, with intent and everything seems to falling in place – delighting me, in the process. I currently work on two projects – Eské and StoryVise (publications: Art Should Tempt and FitBroo) Read more →

The city of Perth

Landscapes and Waterscapes

I live in Western Australia in suburban areas of Perth. I am lucky enough to live in a fairly unpopulated coastal city that has not only gorgeous beaches, but also amazing banks of Swan/Canning river! Since I work indoors on weekdays (though my workplace has stunning view of  the riverside), I prefer my week-ends to be outdoors. Outdoors with a… Read more →

What can we do?

The motive behind publishing this is to be able to solve issues of our brothers and sisters and I have come across. Today when I write this, I don’t know where to start from. A way of going about this is to use contacts and make this a public issue using the best media possible and it does start from my blog here. We all have seen petitions being signed and how it does make a difference to get the right thing done. Read more →

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