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In our noble society, we live among the homosexuals, bisexuals and the transgender. The latter are often very prominent at certain public places with loud gestures and crass remarks. We treat them as if they are freaks [‘not normal’ is often the term] and move on ahead with our normal, socially acceptable lives. Homosexuals face a similar kind of a reaction from the folks. These are the people who are attracted to the same sex they are from and it does seem difficult to accept. Numerous Indian homosexuals live a double life. Many more force themselves into ‘normal-only’ circumstances that involves the ‘holy matrimony’ while a small percentage face the wave and declare their sexuality before the world. And face the backlash. World is slowly coming to terms with this explicit expression but our nation has a long way to go.

Bisexuals face a similar stigma too. I, personally, find it difficult to digest the range of emotions that are responsible for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) tendencies. However, not being able to consciously accept it is a failure of one as a human being.

We’ll take a logical stand and that might help us sort out the doubts, stubborn resistance, humane observations and acceptance. Clarity on all fronts is desirable. When we resist a fact, we often resist the flow of life. And that is not exactly helpful for our mental health. Any confusion and firm opposition must be sorted out by bits and pieces. And logic is often an apt tool to dissect such issues.

I feel weird while around guys who are most probably gay. The awkwardness seeps into the way I view the person, and its very difficult to think of him as ‘normal’, which I now realize, he is not. Since he is not what the ‘social norms’ want him to be. I end up misinterpreting his every movement, a clap on my back and a shake-hand that almost lingers longer than it should. Does it really linger? Probably. Probably not. But the bug in my head makes me feel ashamed of myself. Time to grow, I say.

It is not in the manner ‘some’ of the gay men speak. It is simply in the realization that this fella over here is attracted to men and he might be, in a freaky manner, attracted to us too. The second line of thought- why should that be ‘freaky’? Even if its perfectly possible, why feel weird about it? We interact with opposite sex without having sexual tensions. Same applies.

Then another issue- cant we ever feel comfortable around anyone, with whom sexual relations are completely out of context? Sadly, not really. Its all in the way you think, Jack. Its your perspective that shapes your world. The world has your back, Jack, if you want it to be that way. You might simply chat with a Commercial Sex Worker you don’t know in the middle of a night like with any of your pals or you can have an incest relationship. Similarly, you can live your life with people of varied sexual interests without feeling weird or you can keep dissecting reality and live a biased, awkward life.

Does ‘sex’ play an important role? Yes. Because the question of LGBT does not arise if you chuck ‘sex’ out of the darn window, Jack. You’re free to be pals with everyone, without even knowing what their preferences are. Because it absolutely does not matter.

Speaking about ‘preferences’, the transgender truly faces the worst side of our admirable society. We treat the transgender as an outcast. We try to push them out of our reality and that gives them an ugly side. I fail to understand what the stigma really is. For they seem like good people, but forced to live a horrible life. Can we expect a balloon to regain its original shape if we do not stop pressing it hard with our hands?

Humans are loving beings, Jack. Everything else is an effect of the society and the system employed to run it ‘effectively’. The issue of socio-economic impact is way too important to be ignored. People are free to have their sexual preferences. That does not make them weird, freaky and outcasts. That does not hamper their relationships with people in any way imaginable. They can still be brilliant at what they do and can be great pals. Its their cake of what they prefer in their truly inner circle, but they don’t view you as a possible romance. Not unless you’re interested. Just like any other girl, Jack, in case you’re straight. Same applies to the transgender. Good people and special in their own way.

And then, you should understand that it is not a disease that can be cured or stamped out. It is a state of mind, that cannot be altered. Not with perspectives and not with arguments. It is essential to simply let them all be, like we all let ourselves be.

Not cool to squash the feelings, Jack. It has a bad effect on the mental state of the being. There are people who have their own choices. Learn to respect and accept them.

We feel that things we believe in are the things people should believe in. That is what the word ‘normal’ means- remember the word ‘norm’. Things that are not ‘normal’ need not be ‘wrong’ at all. There is seldom something ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in the world. Including Al Qaeda terrorism and The Great Indian Corruption legends. Because we seldom know the entire truth behind any and revel in the half-baked nonsense. We judge because its very easy to judge. Idiocy. Warm Delicious Idiocy. And oh yes, we feed on carefully controlled media channels. Delicious Idiocy now in your tummy.

“World is divided into righteous and the unrighteous. And the righteous handle the division.” Free your mind, Jack. Be a Neo. We are all loving folks and need to take a lead in creating this change. Across the world. Love everyone without creating divisions and the world will have your back, Jack.

love and peace


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