Crossword, why this?

I’m a Crossword member. Someone who finds himself at a store every other week and purchases stuff quite regularly. Though I’m a Flipkart regular as well, Crossword trumps with the book-store experience. Nothing makes me happier than simply strolling through the many books on sale and choosing the precious few to purchase. What discount? Books are precious and above all.

Why is such a nice brand sending inland letters to its loyal herd? There it arrives at my doorstep, crumpled and half wet. Tearing it open is a process in itself. When I open the darn thing, I get to see the random discounts on random book categories. WHY?

For people comfortable with handheld devices

We are very familiar with electronic forms of communication. Won’t we appreciate a nice email with great offers and options? Won’t we appreciate the wonders of the internet or simply Crossword gone crazy in an email? Will we want to tear open a crumpled inland letter which stinks of the 90s?

For people not comfortable with handheld devices

There are people still happy with the old forms of communication. They still prefer to get their bills on paper and they probably love to pay them in person as well. Won’t they appreciate a nice envelope (recycled paper, perhaps?) with a smart letter boasting of great offers and discounts and options? Won’t they, perhaps, like a tiny box reaching them every quarter with the latest and the best Crossword has to offer their loyal herd?

Are we wrong in expecting brilliance from you, Crossword?
And even if most people don’t, cannot you delight us once in a while?

If not, please stop sending these useless inland letters.
It pisses me off more than anything else.
It highlights your reluctance to be remarkable.

  2 comments for “Crossword, why this?

  1. August 4, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Thanks for the feedback. Crumpled mailer is what any customer wont like getting especially when its all about books. We agree with your point. However on the mode of communication, the point is that direct mailers still have a much larger conversion and efficiency than e invites or sms. Also the scope to communicate is larger. Also SALE is the only time we send out an inland letter to the customer base. With so many customers still not entering their email address or even more not checking their emails regularly, it is the only time we reach them.Inland is also the most cost effective modes of communication. The next least expensive medium is double the cost. Keeping all this mind the inland letter was selected. Going forward as you mentioned we will innovate to find more effective modes of communication and hope fully we do get it close to being completely correct one day. Happy shopping.

    • Sushrut Munje
      August 4, 2012 at 9:45 pm

      Inlands don’t look good. But you know the cost factor best. Thanks.

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