Of Angels & Bucks

Who doesn’t love Angel(-Investors-)s? We’re looking forward to a couple and the feeling is good. It helps you start up pretty well and pretty soon. Most ‘angels’ hold in their funds because they want a prototype, they want this and they want that. People, we’re aspiring entrepreneurs. We don’t have the funds to invest. And that being the precise (often- only) reason we approach angels. If you eat up our time and then observe us over a period of time, you are not angels!

“We have brains. We have guts. We use them both.”


Fund us because money is the only thing that holds us back. We don’t want a six-figure pampering. Give us tens of grands. We’ll make you happy. Nice chunk of equity in a promising start-up coupled with nice offers when we go public. Will not that be enough, people? Plus we will fall in love with you, wont we? Wont you like it?

“Not that we wont start without it. Hell we will”

But why waste time? Lets do some good work around here. And fast!

Alright, enough with the ‘plea’. But it has been going around in my head since quite a while now. Now that we can see nice lovely angels coming our way, we should start studying subjects (valuation, blah, blah) that matter in more ways than usual. Holistic view is desirable. Purchased a book today. I recommend.

love and peace

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