RBE – Resource Based Economy

The following has been taken straight from Rishi Gangoly‘s blog. I came across him on the Zeitgeist India Facebook group. An amazing fellow with great motivation that keeps him going, I’m certainly glad to know him as much as I do. Also, Monocle advocates The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement, thank you.

On searching the internet, I stumbled upon a brilliant concept called a Resource Based Economy .

People today don’t really need money. They need the resources bought with money in order to live a healthy, happy and civilized life. Through technology, a Resource Based Economy can deliver a life of abundance for each of the 6.8 billion people and 1.5 million other species that inhabit the world, and for multitudes of generations still to come.


A Resource Based Economy eradicates the concept of scarcity altogether – by declaring all the earth’s resources as common heritage of all the earth’s people, removing borders, and using technology to abolish human labour. In a Resource Based Economy, there is neither any need, nor any room for scarcity, corruption, poverty, hunger, conflict, war, crime, prisons, riots, or any other evil we see in society today. Instead of offering temporary solutions for the symptoms of a problem, a Resource Based Economy treats it at its very root. All systems from education and transportation, to lifestyle and research, are derived from a thorough understanding of the planet and its rich resources. They are based on logic, not opinion.

The source for this concept is called “The Venus Project“.  I was so blown away with the concept that I joined the movement: “The Zeitgeist Movement” which is the activist arm of The Venus Project.
They have a chapter in India and have got associated with them as well. “Zeitgeist India“. If you’d like to more about this, you can register yourself and get updates on the progress of the movement.
We’ve also created a Blog that you’ll find very informative and guidance on how you can get involved.
Rishi’s Blog

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  1. celestial elf
    May 18, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Great Post :D
    Thought you might like my machinima film,
    To The Venus Project
    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

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