Appreciating the Pursuit

On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares how delightful conversations with an inspiring espresso are offering a peek into a better way of life that's full of joy.

“It’s our age to have fun,” she said.

“No, we have crossed that phase. It’s our age to build wealth,” I countered.

“You can build wealth all your life. We won’t be 26 again,” she insisted.

“Yes, that’s true.”

And with that nod, our conversation threw me off guard, making me realize that the pursuit often made me look over the possible opportunities to take a break. Taking a break has always been beneficial, I recall. Taking a step back and reevaluating all projects at hand helps you look at everything in a different light, adding perspective. Legs ache when you cycle a long distance. Arms ache when you swim a long mile. Making hay will the sun shines is crucial, but taking time to appreciate the process makes the journey worth it.

“I just realized that I’ve been chasing some stupid nonexistent thing in my head. Every time I’ve done things that I really felt like doing, it’s been good. Makes me happier.”

“I love what you’ve realized.”

Despite your love for the work at hand and infinite ever bubbling passion – there is significant difference between a journey of gratitude and a journey of desperate hunger. You cannot be certain of seeing a tomorrow, and you lose the plot when you sacrifice the moment for a future one.

Being grateful for being on a path and appreciating the beauty around you keeps you happy, ensuring that you have sustained energy for the long haul. Being in a hurry might help you reach the future moment sooner than usual, but damaging you within. There is always something more to achieve, there is always another tomorrow to yearn for, there is always a happier time in the future. There is always a greater happiness that deserves a further stretch, further sacrifices – but if you do not feel the joy within today, how would you recognize it tomorrow?

“Our conversations are toxic.”




“Okay, smarty pants.”

I have been fortunate to sip the right espressos at the right time, always served with renewed love and a welcome warmth. There is a distinct dollop of cream in the one I’m sipping at the moment, softening my insides, inviting me to have a look around and dream a bigger, sweeter dream.

My gratitude has always manifested itself into amazing and inspiring people around – who offer a nudge in the right direction. What matters is my capacity to listen and push into the unknown territory, outside the comfort zone. What matters even more, is the need to appreciate the journey in good time. Well brewed coffee has to be sipped at leisure.

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