The Taste of Bitter

On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares how a bitter brew tends to be overwhelming yet ends up teaching you a valuable lesson in self love.
Art by Fajar P. Domingo

You do not know whether it is good for you, for it does not taste the way universally accepted good things taste. This is a curious flavour, the desire for which stems from a strong impulse and its continuation. Your world is not prepared for what it has to offer, but the temptation is indulgent and overwhelming.

Bitter is beautiful, and it is pure. It is potent and headstrong, unwavering in its element, leaving us with little ways of experimenting with the way it tastes. An acquired one, that calls for a tenacious endeavour.

Bitter asks you to look within, for it holds a mirror to the face. Passions run high, when our emotions are manifested in the form of this tumultuous relationship. It is a grapple with the self, with no clear winner but sheer patience and self love. The simplest truth of them all, hence the most difficult.

Cradling a mug of bitter in your lap on a stormy night could be an unnerving proposition. The war always seems to be raging outside, and we always tend to give in. Courage is when we stop and look within, for the foe resides inside.

All battles are fought and won inside our mind. A calm being invites no wrath from the perceived surroundings. A calm being sips at bitter as if it is water, and lets it flow. A raging river is only a speck in the ocean.

A bitter brew can be difficult and overwhelming, yet teaches us a crucial lesson in self love.

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