Madness Under the Starlight

Sushrut Munje shares, on Frankaffe, a long poetry on the imagined traps, invisible walls, societal norms, societal definitions of being normal and being free.
courtesy: ^bkc

Under the starlight. Madness inside personified. Struggle inside. Music around asking me to open up. Transform. Pretty sights everywhere. Pretty sun. Pretty moon. Pretty stars. Pretty everything. Provoking the doubt. Provoking the boundaries which make me. Or rather, I think make me, me. The invisible wall which keeps me from leaping out. The one that keeps me within the socially accepted definition of sane. The ride that had been, has me befuddled. The violent turns of the roller coaster has made me suspect the winding walkway. While the tiny overwhelmed me inside understands the need to be born again, the well-set puzzles of the real world invite layers of doubt. Thick layers. Juicy layers. Layers so real you can almost taste them. Layers so real you start living them. Layers so heavy they become you. They make a new you. The doubtful you. The stammering you. The stuttering wobbly you who keeps looking over your shoulder. For an eye which notices every misstep. For a wheezing laughter mocking every mispronounced word. Layers so false they make you think that the world cares. Layers so misguided they make it seem that you follow the world. But do you know that the world follows you?

Do you know that you write poetry every given moment, creating the next breath, creating the next smile, creating the next moment which make her walk by and you miss a heartbeat, probably because that’s the only way the tiny overwhelmed you inside talks to you, by inviting you into situations where you have the choice to take a brave step, a crazy step, a silly step, an audacious step, something that seems brilliant and foolhardy at the same time, a risky step but one that might just be worth it if all the cards are played right, or perhaps would be worth it in any case, just because you took it.

It’s madness under the starlight as you feel reckless. You feel mad. You feel content. You feel complete. Nothing seems wrong. Everything seems right. Just because you now have the balls to take that one step. You get up and do that brave thing. What happens next doesn’t matter. The world has already changed. You have changed it. You always will have the power to change it by stepping out and doing what you feel like doing without a second thought in mind. It’s the good madness under the starlight.

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