One Moment Please

Sucker Punch is one of the most misrepresented forms of media in recent times.

It is not a movie.

It is an exuberant, thrilling and stylish music video that might also double up as an expanded trailer for a video game.

I did watch it though. I wanted to. In the whole character circus, there is one guy. A man who has everything. A man who could want nothing. The only thing he desires is a moment of truth.

A moment of crystalline clarity in a world full of smoke and mirrors.

A single experience that will scythe through all the excrement and illuminate with scintillating brilliance. Truth.

I love that moment. That singular piece of space-time, when your puny human mind manages to wrap itself around a minuscule, aetheric thing called the truth. Now, the offer document does say that this truth will unravel mysteries, unmask faces and banish the fog but let us not get into the specifics just now.

I, don’t think much of this truth quantity, variable as it is. I am more interested in the wrapping.

That single instant when you manage to piece everything together. That last strand of an invisible mental cobweb. That last piece of your first jigsaw puzzle as a child. The denouement of a Sherlock Holmes story.

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

I wake up late. I sleep late. I try to waste as much time as humanely possible. Of course, I do NOT think of it as wastage. I read, watch, listen to and rarely, write. I trawl the internet, looking for things to laugh at, things to smile at, things to learn from and things to write about. It is a passion, a hobby. Often I find, it difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time.

The internet has ruined me. Even while writing this, I have managed to tweet 20 times, fool around on Facebook, watch a 27 minute episode of a British comedy (called Red Dwarf, you should totally check it out) and read a bit of some one else’s writing. So, I may want to doll this up as multitasking but the fact remains that I have a problem with concentrating on one good thing (…but there are so many of those around!)

It is important, especially in this age and day, to find that moment of relative peace. A silent point of existence that allows you to be alone. Truly alone. Away from those meaningless pings and incessant drones.
An undiscovered part of suburbia that lets you drown without getting wet?

So, everyday, I take a moment. A moment to think. A moment to recapture, recreate, relive the day. I sit on my porch and stare at a piece of  lush green and listen to the mechanical chatter of the rain.

Ok. Slight exaggeration. There is a porch, there is a backyard garden and there is alot of rain (alot is a single word and it means a lot)
But I don’t sit there.

I tune out the world with my favourite music. I take respite from interesting things. I take a break from downloading that brilliant movie, watching that addictive TV show, reading that mouldy book, having that epiphany. From living that heady life.

I sleep and stare. What do you do?

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  1. Prima
    July 31, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    I go out and avoid catching a bus and walk instead. I say hello to people I come across. The old folks are usually very nice. They approach first usually :). If I see empty swings out in the garden on my way, I sit on those and swing for a while.

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