It was a tough week for someone to break into prime time news that week. After all, it was dominated by a holy man occasionally wearing a  salwar kameez wrestling against the government . Who can beat that?

But a certain commerce college did the unthinkable. It zoomed straight into the headlines by having a 100% cutoff for non-commerce students wanting to study in their ‘esteemed’ college. I had a few questions here and asked them to a friend who had just passed (Yes, just passed. He scored only 98.50%) his CBSE exams.

Why would a science student want to study commerce?

Hotter chicks.

Why does a college keep such outlandish cutoffs?

Supply & Demand; the college with the hottest chicks demands a higher percentage.

Now I get it, get the hot chicks through management quota and let the nerds study their brains out so that they can get admission in the college. And when even that isn’t enough, the college pulls a rabbit out of its hat and keeps the cutoff a mere hundred percent. This naturally drives the management quota fee skywards.

Now, that’s what I call a good business model.

That’s the lighter side of the situation, now if we look at it’s cigarette darker side we’ll find gaping holes on both sides of the system. Firstly, if a student gets 100% in an exam that means either the student is Chuck Norris Rajnikanth or the system is very very flawed. Exams should essentially challenge your intelligence but what happens in our board exams is the exact opposite. A student is just a humongous (compared to a micro SD) memory card. The coaching classes play the role of a computer and a card reader and transfer a database on the cards. The exams simply judge the read/write retrieval/speed of the cards. Even if you get 100%, you are just a very fast but hugely oversize memory card.

To some extent, colleges have no choice but to increase cutoffs as the student intake doesn’t increase drastically and students are getting “smarter” and scoring higher than ever marks. Plus, there is the reservation system, minority quotas, management seats, female reservation and “you are from Mars” reservation.

Final words, do the colleges merit the 100% tag? Even Harvard doesn’t expect 100%, this is just a regional commerce college. As always better sense will prevail, students will take admission to other courses (not engineering), news channels will go back to “World will end tomorrow” news and MTV Roadies will end for good.



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