Egyptian Curry

Egyptian Humorless Curry


“Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.”

~Irene Peter


Like my earlier post in the Blue Issue, I would again like to stress on the global power-play rather than rant about the happenings in Egypt, as if they were an isolated incident. But then, this is a start. The ‘revolución’ has inspired people of other regime-ruled nations to revolt. Soon, we’ll witness more governments topple. Why is there no reason to be happy?

Toppled governments will result in temporary anarchy. And then the restored governments will be back, working according to the interests of world’s powers. So we had a dictator, removed from power, replaced by another corrupt government which chooses to re-elect itself after regular intervals. Such a wonderful world.

Hosni Mubarak was an air force commander who held the reins of this 3000 year old civilization after the assassination of his predecessor, President Anwar El Sadat. During his 30 year old rule, he is said to have ignored the rise of crises at home. Instead, preferring to pose with other world leaders, including American presidents & our very own Indira Gandhi. He was finally ousted after continuous protests across the nation. The army stepped in and refused to crack down on the protesters. After Mubarak, the vacuum has been temporarily filled by the army. An army of a nation that has been extravagantly funded by USA.

The protests are now spreading to Bahrain, Libya and other similar nations. If successful, they might create power vacuums in the region. Something that can enable a certain world power to support the proxy democratic government and control more reins. Very interesting.

As a result of protests, the Egyptian economy lost quite a lot of money as lost revenue, among others. The ruling dictator had made sure, like any other dictator would, to root out possible parallel authorities. Thus, the power vacuum.


Can we really afford a power vacuum in all these neighboring countries? Can we, at all, afford weak nations in an area with Iran, Somalia and a prominent ‘Al Quaeda’ base? Is there a stage being carefully set, as a part of long-term strategy? We may only wonder.

Understand that revolutions across the world, especially in developing countries like Venezuela, have always been planned by external forces- the dominating world powers who are displeased with the present government of the state. Displeased, because the government seeks to please its people instead of the world powers. Thus, they bend the countries into submission using economic sanctions, economic hitmen, revolutions or assassinations of the leaders. This has always been the strategy for muscle flexing across the globe.

We cannot afford such chaotic revolutions, not when each of these countries face an eminent power vacuum and are already neck-deep in debt. We should learn from the Egyptian Curry, which the world press enjoyed as a delicacy. What we need is a change from these flawed rules, we refuse to look beyond. Free your mind and live free.


love and peace

[was first published in Epigram Magazine: The Green Issue]

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