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Curiosity is an interesting thing to toy around with. It makes people do crazy things which may or may not involve strangling the ill-informed all-know-er who refuses to divulge those delicate details of a probably irrelevant plot. But that silliness costs him his life, for alas, he’s a man. Many women hardly hesitate before divulging the delicate details. No, I’m not an MCP. Anyway, curious to know where I’m heading? Good.

Sensible Governments, Intelligence Agencies, Corporates- they need secrecy and stuff that should not go beyond the walls. It might often be of catastrophic importance or plain stupid. Sometimes very evil and sometimes again- plain stupid. They have a right to keep things secret and we have the right to information. Because curiosity is a drug. It kills the cat. Poor cat.

What is worth objecting to in the present world? Wars, Human Rights violations, Mass Murders, Innocents being Victims, Corruption and many more pathetic things. There are various reasons behind the same. It is better if we do not go into it and focus on the Curious (most curious aspect) of the same and people who took this passion beyond self-restraint.

Things happen for a reason and the reason doesn’t have to be obvious. But the atrocities tend to go beyond our tolerance level. And that is the time we start asking for explanations from whom we think is responsible. Since the actual reasons are cloaked under the ‘classified’ section, we are left disappointed and snubbed. Misuse of the ‘classified’ thingy? Bang on, dear biatch.

Enter WikiLeaks.

Founded by certain Government Dissidents, Journalists and more curious people, WikiLeaks became a rage among the people who wanted some ‘Truth’. And that did them a heck loads of good.

To be frank, it is an amazing concept and something that has been well though out. It works like an electronic DropBox that can be accessed through the Internet. What does it do? It accepts reports from people across the globe regarding unlawful activity that is being hushed down by certain powerful groups that may or may not be affiliated to the respective government authorities. These reports are verified by the WikiLeaks reporters and proof is documented. As a result, we don’t have to take their word for anything. WikiLeaks promptly lays out all the dirt there is to see. Nice, no?

Indeed. They never part with the names of their informers. The data is safe by the most complex cryptographic cyber security. Their servers are located in countries that promise security to WikiLeaks’ interests. A determined, gritty young organization that has taken it upon itself to not take any wicked secret lying down. Nice, no?

Indeed. But a dangerous task too. CIA has tried destroying the organization. Many known WikiLeaks workers and sympathisers have been known to face harassment and veiled threats from ‘law-enforcement’ agencies. We had a news report last month saying how Assange travels in disguise, in fear of assassination. Brave of him, no? Yes.

What’s the point though?
Well, let us say the Founders took fancy to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In particular, Article 19 inspires the work of their journalists and other volunteers. “It states that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” They agree, and WikiLeaks seeks to uphold this and the other Articles of the Declaration. Thus, we have the culprit.

The point being- to bring out the true news for the people. They ask us to ignore what the thousands of television channels say, what the millions of newspapers say and read the Wikileaks for true news. Such nobility.

They go to great lengths (and distances) in order to get a story and even to verify it. They get inside the skin (like Jude was advised to) and get what they want. Naked truth, baby. This naked truth goes online to thousands of waiting curious people who simply NEED to know where all that Kenyan cash disappeared or why 3 Iraqis were killed. Twitchy little things, aren’t they?

They want to write a true history of the world. Thus changing the common belief- “The victor writes history with squeals of the defeated from beneath his sole”. What might happen is entirely different from their plan. WikiLeaks will go down in history, for sure, as a plucky not-for-profit media organization who went beneath the obvious to bring out dirt. They wont command history till they blend all the national borders and reduce ‘patriotism’ to a non-entity.

What WikiLeaks does is idealistic. But the world is not the Utopia of our dreams, yet. WikiLeaks is a rebel, working diligently against the system, thwarting their aggressive clamp-down attempts. How long will it last, is the question. Especially when sensitive secrets of world powers are at stake. WikiLeaks will truly be successful under the One Government for the world. Not otherwise.

Exposing scams is of little consequence. Empowering humans is the key. Only then can these Goliaths be tackled.

Let us face it. These Goliaths do make sure we live to see another day. They do make sure we get to eat and have enough oil to drive around the town. Who doesn’t have skeletons in their closet? What purpose does stealing on these Goliaths serve, when they are in their boxers/nighties? Why not destroy them like parasites would, instead of surprising them and clicking their naked pictures to be posted online?

Empower individuals across the world with the right education. Infiltrate governments, have good people across the top corporates, banks and blah. That will ensure success.

Wiki first took a leak in 2006. And it has been leaking supposedly secret/classified stuff ever since. Run by the Sunshine Press, the pee boasts of more than 1.2 million documents. Now that is something. That is something indeed.

People, O dear people. Such cats are bad. Let your curiosity kill every single one of them. Stay curious, stay awesome and explore the world. Keep it simple, love everyone and be good to all. And laugh out loud, a lot.

There are times you pretend and there are times you don’t. Let the latter rule. Because latte already does.

love and peace

[Was first published in The Blue Issue: Epigram Magazine]

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