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On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje documents the scope of his work responsibilities across his current projects - Eske and Art Should Tempt (a StoryVise publication).

My work at Eské and Art Should Tempt

This practice of documenting my journey has been quite beneficial, since I tend to oversee how fast some months have passed, and how sharp some turns have been – sideways and upwards. From home cleaning to real estate services, onwards to luxury retail and now a comprehensive slow living media company – it has been a journey with a plan, with intent and everything seems to falling in place – delighting me, in the process. I currently work on two projects – Eské and StoryVise (publications: Art Should Tempt and FitBroo) Read more →

Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe, how Jake Gyllenhaal's character in Demolition the movie carries invaluable lessons in product design and product development.

Demolition Lessons in Product Design

Demolition is fascinating – for it begs you to rip it apart and asks you to put it together again, because though you might not understand it, you love it. The actors do their job well, and only your imagination might want you to hold it up to a yardstick. Demolition is an experience as you go through Jake Gyllenhaal’s struggle coping with his wife’s death and everything that comes with it. What is a relationship but memories that are shared? Of what use is a sock drawer of a dead person? Read more →

Logo Stories

[This article has been published on under30ceo.com] There are numerous misunderstandings related to the concept of a ‘Logo’. And I will not write this article assuming my expertise on the matter. Although, the content is based on my interpretations of many books and interactions with various designers, entrepreneurs and other people. Read more →

Design Speed Bumps

Any business is like a Clover leaf- multiple petals creating a beautiful ‘unity’, while staying attached to the core. How do we apply it to the design principles? When we know our services/product, it generates a certain brain reaction. We don’t understand the chemicals being secreted but we sure understand the change in emotions. It either excites us, saddens or generates pure joy and enthusuiasm. Our services/product is the petal while the emotions are the centre/core of the business-clover. And the core (emotions) is basically responsible for us being building the business in the first place. Read more →

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