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On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares his experiences on reading Sheetal Sivaramakrishnan's poetry. Titled 'with me / otherwise', the book offers a look within.

On Poems by S

With ease, she slips into a conversation of summer and the rain. Almost as if you have bumped into her on a long winding village road, sat beneath a tree and exchanged stories for a longer time. One can almost imagine how her words are leaping out of the paper, absurd yet making sense in the way they have been structured. Absurd, yet falling into place like a human does. Absurd, and utterly mad, utterly raw, reminding you of what you went through the last you had sex. Read more →

On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares how writing is an intense, deeply emotional activity, like taming the storm within. Anushka Gupta, meanwhile, stirs well.

My Inability to Stir

My inability to stir stems from a trait to move on from things which do not stick around. What I ought to realize is that sugar does not dissolve at a first go, and it takes patience to make your drink sweeter. It’s a thin line to toe, for once the drink has been sipped, the mug needs to be washed clean. It’s tempting to hold on to it, once you get into the stirring habit. The warmth never really leaves it. Read more →

What Game of Thrones taught me about starting up.

Viserys Targaryen (seen above) had no army, no proven accomplishment, no gold, no ships, except for a dicey alliance that required his sister to marry a tribal leader. His arrogance was misplaced, his pride hurtful for those around him. He’s not unlike a self-proclaimed “entrepreneur” whose startup is yet to take off but the one who keeps offering ‘expert advice’ (that involves shallow claims and criticism) on various topics. Viserys ended up dead by insulting his to-be ally, thus losing everything that he might have achieved for nothing. Lesson- Act when you’re in a position of strength. Read more →

Have Monks Along with Warriors For Great Customer Service

Running a business is a battle, as much as it is poetry. It takes a lifetime of determination, weeks of grit and yet promises those moments of sheer joy and a sense of fulfillment. The challenges in a business are many and effective customer service is one of them. It cannot just be you fighting all the battles and writing all the poems. There is a need for you to build a community of like-minded people within your organization, focused on the common goal of startup nirvana — great success in what you’re doing. Read more →

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