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Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe his understanding of the Karma cycles, Moksha and Meera's haunting smile. Inspired by Bhajan: Kafi - Pag Ghungroo

Meera’s Haunting Smile

The fact that our life is but a perception is the core of ancient wisdom – often dismissed and sneered upon by many – but understood in essence by many as well. Everything is easier said than done, of course. Despite knowing the direction, we falter, thus dividing our reality into ‘practical’ and ‘ideal’. The distinction is convenient, for we respect the wisdom but justify our human way of life, thus stuck in karma cycles. Read more →

Two Sides #1: ‘Science’ & Indian Mythology

The Lingam is debated as a symbol of male sexuality and that it represents Shiva’s penis. The milk (giver of life) thus is symbolic of the semen. The top of the Lingam strongly resembles Glans and the structure around it is strikingly similar to the foreskin. Ganges flowing out of Shiva’s locks highly resembles the act of ejaculation as well. Read more →

Gayatri Mantra and its ‘scientific’ meaning

I have been chanting it since I was a child. They taught us at our homes, at temples and at our school too. Interestingly, I bet no one even knew what it meant. The ignorant well-meaning folks simply did it because it was associated with ‘God’ and idol-worship. We asked questions, offered valid theories and it fell on deaf ears. I came across this information online. And I’m happy to share it here. Read more →

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