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On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares his experience of stepping out of his comfort zone, this time, at a music concert while walking up to a delightful lady.

Mad, Mad Starlight

Beautiful people all around me. Customary smiles were exchanged while walking past, no words. I have always wondered what keeps us from being affectionate to good strangers around us. We often fear what the reaction might be. We fear what we might be perceived to be. We fear the whispers. We fear the side glances. I adore the happiness in air – and it is wondrous to tell people that they look good when they smile. If we don’t spread the love, who will? Read more →

Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe, what it takes to build a good company, experiences at Hammer and Mop & SILA, and how Ben Horowitz inspires through his tales.

Building a Good Company

Four years of building Hammer and Mop helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses, which helped with clarity in choosing my role at SILA. Lack of formal education prior to starting up had ensured that my mind is a blank slate, and my ‘business education’ involved rabid access to books, magazines and online media – everything that could help. It offered a good mix – for the books presented solid thoughts from thought leaders while the latest online content helped me stay updated with the trends. Hammer and Mop was an opportunity to experiment at the scale we were in, and we made most of it. Read more →

Being a Blind Dog

It was very easy for me to wiggle out of the responsibility of hosting Jimmy, but with this unusual experience come new lessons. I remember little Jack, now it has been little Jimmy. Representing two ends in a dog’s life, an eternal circle through which they keep teaching us mortals of how to love without expectations. A dog’s love is a gift to value, for the animal loves you more than it loves itself. Read more →

Inspired by a clutch of David Bowie songs, Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe how it feels to be in a midst of a calm storm, serenity aiding a certain glimpse.

The Alluring Clumsiness

I adore the hesitancy, the casual clumsiness, the sharp wit, conversations which probe deep attempting to understand what drives the person, some merely glazing over the surface not wanting to ponder. I enjoy being generous with whatever I feel then, often stumbling over my feet in frank excitement, there is nothing to hide when you talk to people, there is nothing to hide when your mind dances with theirs, holding them close momentarily, just long enough to understand if it feels like home. You never know what might make your knees go weak. Read more →

I see her shining.

I prefer conversations – with both parties listening, sharing and adding value to each other’s lives. The perfect setting involves a cozy sitting arrangements, books and a convenient beverage. Life is like a conversation, is it not? You can either react to what’s being said or be proactive. Read more →

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