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On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares how writing is an intense, deeply emotional activity, like taming the storm within. Anushka Gupta, meanwhile, stirs well.

My Inability to Stir

My inability to stir stems from a trait to move on from things which do not stick around. What I ought to realize is that sugar does not dissolve at a first go, and it takes patience to make your drink sweeter. It’s a thin line to toe, for once the drink has been sipped, the mug needs to be washed clean. It’s tempting to hold on to it, once you get into the stirring habit. The warmth never really leaves it. Read more →

Sushrut Munje, on Frankaffe, shares how a little girl and her cobbled street had the most insightful lessons on life - some things are easier said than done :)

Along the Cobbled Street

While on my late evening stroll, I saw a little girl intently approaching a hole in the cobbled street with a stone in her hand. Settling down beside it, she started fitting the stone in the hole, thus attempting to make the surface smoother, bringing it to one level, completing it for the world to appreciate. It was an exercise, the stone was in no mood to comply but the little girl was insistent. She kept trying. There was a distinct nip in the air, I pulled my jacket closer and stood by the sidewalk – something about her focus had my full attention. Read more →

How We Spend Our Lives

It’s clear that how we perceive our days and how we allow ourselves to experience the ample joy around decides our well being. It might be her journey across the high seas inside, or my toiling at a smithy – it is the spirit behind the hard work that counts. And the vision, which takes us beyond. Read more →

A Sparrow and its Birdhouse

During the early rains, he came across the birdhouse, snug away in a corner. Quite close to the trees he loved, yet hidden away like a precious secret. Ignoring our inquisitive human eyes from nearby windows, he made it his, claimed it for his own. Accepted it without questioning its origins. Perched right by its side, every day from the break of dawn till the dusk, merging its identity with his. Stayed put, for he knew it would be worth the wait. Read more →

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