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On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje shares his experiences on reading Sheetal Sivaramakrishnan's poetry. Titled 'with me / otherwise', the book offers a look within.

On Poems by S

With ease, she slips into a conversation of summer and the rain. Almost as if you have bumped into her on a long winding village road, sat beneath a tree and exchanged stories for a longer time. One can almost imagine how her words are leaping out of the paper, absurd yet making sense in the way they have been structured. Absurd, yet falling into place like a human does. Absurd, and utterly mad, utterly raw, reminding you of what you went through the last you had sex. Read more →

On Frankaffe, Sushrut Munje discusses how a long vacation made him write a short commentary on flitting thoughts and the tenderness of a subtle new love.

On how it ebbs

I have been enamored by honest and solid design before, art which stands and simply is, unapologetic, with utmost clarity. I have been lost in the comfort of a sunny morning, a steady gaze, and the audacity of uncovered skin. I remember having been left speechless with a thunderstorm and ebbing tide, which emptied a filled canal under the moonlight. Permanency is a myth, and change is the only constant. Read more →

Sushrut Munje sharing on Frankaffe how Bajirao Mastani represent two stormy strands of poetry, way beyond historical characters, in the movie.

Bajirao Mastani: Two Wild Strands

The storyteller has made it amply clear that the movie is but an adaptation, and creative freedom has to be employed. We may ignore the curious ‘Maratha’ accent of a Brahmin warrior, dance sequences which suit no one and multiple other aspects which critics have been efficient in highlighting. It is crucial to note that the three leading characters have been defined like thick pastel brush strokes on canvas. Read more →

Book Review: The Gita in my Homework

The above highly condensed explanation of the underlying philosophy lays the foundation of what helps tackle our ‘daily issues’ in our ‘practical lives’. Because now- we consciously realise the inconsequential nature of fear, self doubt, instant gratification and biases. This helps us deal wth stress. This helps us be resilient in the battlefield of starting up. This helps us have a Krishna for an Arjun in us. Voila! Read more →

What I Talk About When I Talk About Birdman

What about Birdman? It was a carnival of utter madness (wild storytelling where things fly, things move on their own and you see day dreams happening), raw emotions (because good actors, good words and eyes) and a surreal flow (connected reality where the unexpected happens). We live around the protagonist, experience his inner voice, we feel his pain and seek… Read more →

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