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The Blue Collar Aspirations

To set the context, I’ve been building Hammer and Mop for the last three years. Started as a complete freshman with no experience of doing business with people (leave alone employing them), it has been a journey of constant learning. I’ve been astounded by the things experienced, opinions heard and perspectives discussed. The Next Big Thing We have been blessed… Read more →

Being Proactive #StartupMuddyShoes

[First published on TheRodinhoods.com] Waking up after 6 months of starting up, you realize with a start that the only thing that is stopping you is YOU. Tossing and turning over in your comfort zone that’s as comfortable as your bed, you lie there clueless. ‘Proactive’ is a word that makes perfect sense in an entrepreneurship article or on stage… Read more →

Stewards and Rangers

A marketing army requires a healthy combination of warriors and monks. Similarly, a management army needs stewards and rangers in equal number. Imagine the steward who builds and keeps the sandcastle the way it is, while the ranger protects it from the waves. It is a common misconception and quite a limited worldview to assume that rangers see all the action, while stewards are hired to serve. Thank you Game of Thrones and Jon Snow (though he knows nothing) for these pearls of wisdom. Read more →

Master of my Fate

Out on the wild seas, the uncertainty looms ahead, seeps through my very skin, grabs my bones with its cold hands. I can feel my heart beat, the uncertainty is very real, living in my imagination doesn’t seem like an option right now. Unless I convert it into my reality. Read more →

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