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Sushrut Munje shares on Frankaffe what he talks about when he talks about The Revenant (2015), and how a juicy tale of revenge satiates the human hunger within.

What I Talk About When I Talk About The Revenant

[The Revenant 2015] A juicy tale of revenge, made haunting by the cold winds and the tall pines, is stuff that makes legends. What is it about justice that excites us so much? What is it about the return of the protagonist, to wreck havoc in the life of the villain, that leaves us spell bound? Why do we celebrate the death of a bad person, why the gaudy wonder in our eyes as the vile body is stabbed for the crimes it has committed, why the heavy breathing of a satisfied mind, satiated by completion of a loop? Read more →

Gayatri Mantra and its ‘scientific’ meaning

I have been chanting it since I was a child. They taught us at our homes, at temples and at our school too. Interestingly, I bet no one even knew what it meant. The ignorant well-meaning folks simply did it because it was associated with ‘God’ and idol-worship. We asked questions, offered valid theories and it fell on deaf ears. I came across this information online. And I’m happy to share it here. Read more →

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