Frank + Affable

While it was conceptualized to be the name of a coffee chain (Frank + Coffee) launched sometime far out into the future, Frankaffe became synonymous with the thoughts 'being brewed' in my mind. The thoughts (Frank + Affable) were crucial to my learning curve, and writing was a mode of expression. Frankaffe seemed like a natural choice for naming my personal (and not so) blog.


What I Talk About When I Talk About Birdman

What about Birdman? It was a carnival of utter madness (wild storytelling where things fly, things move on their own and you see day dreams happening), raw emotions (because good actors, good words and eyes) and a surreal flow (connected reality where the unexpected happens). We live around the protagonist, experience his inner voice, we feel his pain and seek… Read more →

Viking & Espresso

The Espresso Principle

Writing as an expression usually happens when you are in a state of tension between point A and point B. There is a comfortable state, and one which you are then forced to occupy due to experiences or emotions. The state of being stretched between these two points causes unnatural unease, and a need to express in a way you… Read more →


What ‘The Imitation Game’ taught me about starting up.

Possibly, one of the most enthralling and positively audacious movies I have seen in recent times. A bias might exist due to my fondness for war tales. The Imitation Game also leaves you with a slight melancholy considering how early the life of Alan Turing ended, and how sad (from our mortal perceptions), the lives of some geniuses have been.… Read more →

Matchstick Leader Large

The Hammer Problem

Just like all personality types, the ‘Hammer’ (employer/employee) makes itself known in certain situations but stands out in an ugly way. This is when you are usually up against the wall, and our animal instinct asks us to choose between fight or flight. The obstinate ‘Hammer’ fights and how. You cannot reason with a Hammer. It has been forged with… Read more →

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