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It’s like I live an unreal dream,
Joys and demons, haunting me together.
Such shades, our mind has.

First Idea Goosebumps #StartupMuddyShoes

There are multiple firsts which are yet to happen- the first customer, the first employee, the first investor call and the first media feature. However, she grins while lying awake, staring at the ceiling. She knows she is truly in, wanting to fight it out. Such self belief backed by an open mind finds it hard to fail :)


What you thought was wild is your current reality. What you thought was unreal is being achieved. What you thought was too high is so within your reach. What is this world but your thoughts being acted out.

On Top

She takes over.
Time is, but a whirl of color.
No time for words, not anymore.
Souls are one, skin breathes in the pleasure.

The Owlet Flies

In his embrace, she holds on, certain and brave.
She’d brighter than anything he’s ever seen.
Warmer and softer than anything he’s ever felt.
Stronger than the mightiest of his storms.

Fixing the Cash Flow Pipe

  I step into my office as the April sun starts making its presence felt. It has been a delightful roller coaster ride these last two years for my services company, but the cash flow cycle has been the toughest… Continue Reading →

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