Pic Courtesy: Keoni Cabral

The Startup Beast

Few ideas see the light of the day, and fewer survive to make profits. Behind every founder’s bright grin is years of toil, focus and sheer grit. They have persevered without immediate financial returns, worked hard even when their teams almost lost heart and have stayed focused despite major setbacks. These are beasts who stay doggedly on the path they have chosen. Read more →

Pic Courtesy: See-ming Lee

A Sparrow and its Birdhouse

During the early rains, he came across the birdhouse, snug away in a corner. Quite close to the trees he loved, yet hidden away like a precious secret. Ignoring our inquisitive human eyes from nearby windows, he made it his, claimed it for his own. Accepted it without questioning its origins. Perched right by its side, every day from the break of dawn till the dusk, merging its identity with his. Stayed put, for he knew it would be worth the wait. Read more →

Pic Courtesy: Stephen Brace

When I write a book.

When I write a book, I see the process as a conversation, sitting in a serene trance, typing out as words flow. There is no laughter, no jumps of joy. There is easy clarity, like the one where you understand every ripple in the lake, when every leaf nods as the wind blows. The clouds will just be right, the water will taste so pure as I sip it like the choicest wine. Morning would be the brightest, no sleepy afternoons and comforting evenings. That’s how it will be when I write a book. Read more →

Pic Courtesy: Eren {sea+praire}

“Books choose you.”

The context was not clear, perhaps the fact that I was holding a book which had somehow meant to land up in my lap aided the cause. Books work in mysterious ways, for they stack up on our beds, on our chairs and on our shelves. We reach for one in times of need, and right at that time, it seems to have all the answers. It smells just fine, and just the right amount of dust to dust off, like a teeny ceremony to celebrate the moment. Read more →


Book Review: The Gita in my Homework

The above highly condensed explanation of the underlying philosophy lays the foundation of what helps tackle our ‘daily issues’ in our ‘practical lives’. Because now- we consciously realise the inconsequential nature of fear, self doubt, instant gratification and biases. This helps us deal wth stress. This helps us be resilient in the battlefield of starting up. This helps us have a Krishna for an Arjun in us. Voila! Read more →

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