Frank + Affable

While it was conceptualized to be the name of a coffee chain (Frank + Coffee) launched sometime far out into the future, Frankaffe became synonymous with the thoughts 'being brewed' in my mind. The thoughts (Frank + Affable) were crucial to my learning curve, and writing was a mode of expression. Frankaffe seemed like a natural choice for naming my personal (and not so) blog.


Book Review: The Gita in my Homework

The above highly condensed explanation of the underlying philosophy lays the foundation of what helps tackle our ‘daily issues’ in our ‘practical lives’. Because now- we consciously realise the inconsequential nature of fear, self doubt, instant gratification and biases. This helps us deal wth stress. This helps us be resilient in the battlefield of starting up. This helps us have a Krishna for an Arjun in us. Voila! Read more →

Michael Pollak

Shedding Startup Shells

Throughout the journey, you end up attaching yourself to beautiful little things. You get fond of the people you work with, the customers you serve, the dreams that you nurture and the relationships that you build. Though inertia sets in at a certain level, it is very healthy for you to hold the good things close to you and share the love. And then to let go, as well. Read more →


Court and the Straight Line

‘Court’ toys with your perceptions because you want it to be brilliant, you want it to be thought provoking and intelligent. However, it simply presents a bland picture of reality and the drone of everyday life. Read more →


The Rorschach Principle

In Watchmen (one of the best superhero movies ever made), Rorschach states the simple fact. As a convict inside a prison which is half full thanks to him in the first place, you cannot expect him to be quite popular. After an attempt on his life in full public view during the pretty lunch hour, he makes the situation pretty… Read more →


Being Heroes for a Day

Everything is momentary, all the successes and mistakes, though they leave a lasting impact. You’re often so focused on the journey that it seems to exist in every moment. The psychological price of entrepreneurship is deadly, but only if we let it bog us down. The high of creation and team building is a force potent enough to keep driving the blues away. As David Bowie sings.. Read more →

Satori Circus

The Flawless Struggle

We see the world through our lens; our perceptions – they call it the worldview – are quite useful when we create buyer personas and develop brand positioning. The border between our personal and professional lives has blurred to a definite extent, and our thought processes have a clear effect on our work performance. When we observe as an exercise… Read more →

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