Frank + Affable

While it was conceptualized to be the name of a coffee chain (Frank + Coffee) launched sometime far out into the future, Frankaffe became synonymous with the thoughts 'being brewed' in my mind. The thoughts (Frank + Affable) were crucial to my learning curve, and writing was a mode of expression. Frankaffe seemed like a natural choice for naming my personal (and not so) blog.

Mini Storm

Startup Mini Storms

“Storms make you wiser,” she stated and I nodded in agreement. One advantage of building a company ground up is the opportunity of spotting small problems with a potential to snowball into larger problems with time. It is simply about noticing a pattern, sensing dissatisfaction in the people around you and critically analyzing your methods of troubleshooting. These are the… Read more →


What a Broken Shoelace taught me about Starting Up

We don’t expect things to happen at the worst possible moment, we expect them to happen (in spite of numerous tough lessons) when we want them to happen. And that’s where the mind games begin. We convince ourselves that the best time to solve the small nagging issues is yet to come and that it’s better to focus on the… Read more →

Star Large

The Adorable Insistence

I seek the bright star, An insistent little tyke. Beyond anything I can describe. A gentle tug yet so convincing. It stands for everything tomorrow. It’s a passionate pursuit. My curiosity overwhelms. Mind struggles to paint the canvas. Yet imagines the vivid restless colours. Forget the jungle, it’s a mad mad flight. Not into the unknown for I have dreamt… Read more →

Happy Worker

The Blue Collar Aspirations

To set the context, I’ve been building Hammer and Mop for the last three years. Started as a complete freshman with no experience of doing business with people (leave alone employing them), it has been a journey of constant learning. I’ve been astounded by the things experienced, opinions heard and perspectives discussed. The Next Big Thing We have been blessed… Read more →

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