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What Exodus Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

A magnificent movie often puts you into a deep thought, as you attempt to comprehend it with a situation you are in and the life you lead. From Game of Thrones to After Earth and Interstellar, each of these entertainment… Continue Reading →

Where I Stand

I have flown high and seen the clouds Made love to the wind, kissed the rain Been on the ground and built the road I know the peak, we’re on the way. My mind sprouts wings at will. Yet the… Continue Reading →

The Cross: My email to my parents in mid-2010

Background: I had just dropped out of my engineering course as a confused teenager. While I was pretty sure what I didn’t want, the path ahead was unsure. Naturally, parents were worried and tried to communicate their anxiety and love… Continue Reading →

Three Years and the Base Camp

After three years, I’m confident to say that we have arrived. Now for the climb so everything we have done so far starts making sense. Right from what tools to pack to understanding the jungle, from the leaders of the pack to laying down ground rules, from identifying the peak to knowing the North Star- we seem geared up for the climb.

All About Jack

This tale about Jack. It starts when I first saw his picture (after being asked to take him home for the weekend), cuddled up with his sibling (Jones) and I know not what made me say ‘Yes’. Though I had… Continue Reading →

Polite Conversations #StartupMuddyShoes

Communication is highly underestimated and is the root cause of most problems companies face. Effective polite communication is the essential grease and while learning this the hard way is certainly an option, I’ll suggest you don’t.

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