Sila 4

From Hammer and Mop to Sila

Earlier this month, we merged Hammer and Mop into Mr. Homecare (a SILA company). The exit from Hammer and Mop was not planned – it happened in a matter of weeks, things simply fell into place and everything felt just right. After being at sea for 48 months, we’re back on land and on an entirely new territory. And I’m grateful for how things have turned out. Read more →

Pic Courtesy: Joel Olives

All Those Imagined Hurdles

“You will be tested at every corner,” she had stated as we sat discussing certain spiritual practices. For us simple humans living our daily lives, “success” seems elusive and is described as a path full of hardships. “Successful” people are described as those who kept at it with dogged persistence, yet we do not quite understand the struggle. Grass always… Read more →

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